Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre (500 m)

The second biggest thermal spa, beach and adventure bath of Hungary with 32 swimming pools and with a water surface of 5200 m2, morover, its water contains 15,201 mg/l of minerals, which is the second highest mineralization in Hungary amongst spring waters. The area of the spa is divided into three zones (medicinal spa and open-air swimming pool, adventure bath, sauna world), each zone requires a separate entrance ticket, however there are combined tickets as well. The spa also has a separate medical center, which provides various treatments (e.g. massage, parafango, weigth-bath, remedial gymnastics).

Local Farmers' Market - Bükfürdő (500 m)

From end of April until end of October, each Friday from 16 to 20 o'clock expects its guests the popular Local Farmers' Market of Bükfürdő with a wide variety of farmer products at the parking place next to the Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre.

VI. Hungarian National Sauna Master Competition (Bükfürdő) - 24th March 2018

The 6th Harvia-Saunabau Hungarian National Sauna Master Competition's round will be organized in Bükfürdő, at the Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre for the second time.

XIII. Cure-Wine Days Gastro Festival (Bükfürdő) - 18-22 July 2018

The 13th Cure-Wine Days Gastro festival this year expects the fans of music and gastronomy in Bükfürdő again. Visitors will be awaited with programs for children, Hungarian wines, palinkas, local farmer products, concerts.

Biking trips in and around Bükfürdő

Only 100 meters from our hotel you can reach the bike path, following which with a 16 kilometers long tour you can reach even Austria (Bükfürdő-Csepreg-Szakony-Gyalóka-Zsira-Lutzmanssburg). Besides, there are several other bike tour options around Bükfürdő. Our hotel also provides possibility for bicycle renting for our guests!

Excursion to Kőszeg (26 km)

With only 30 minutes of driving Kőszeg can be reached from our hotel. Its downtown is the national heritage of Hungary, where you can spend a beautiful time among the medieval-style houses after visiting the Jurisics-castle, built in the 13th century.

Excursion to Sárvár (27 km)

Sárvár is also half hour of driving from our hotel, where the Medical and Wellness Spa of Sárvár and the Nádasdy-castle expects the visitors looking for relaxation.

Excursion to Sopron (44 km)

The downtown of Sopron, which is 45 minutes of driving, also provides a possibility for spending a pleasant time. After visiting the downtown it is also worth to visit the Harrer Chocolate Manufacture and Confectionery, where chocolate tasting programs are organized every day.

Esterházy-castle Fertőd (36 km)

The castle museum of Esterházy-castle awaits its guests whole year, which is 40 minutes with car from our hotel. In the courtyard of the castle there are musical programs, concerts regularly in the summer.

The source of the pictures used on this page is the Photo Archive of the Hungarian Tourism Agency cPlc. and the webpage of Bük, Bükfürdő Tourism Public Benefit Association.